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My customers keep saying ‘I hear wallpaper is making a comeback’, personally I don’t think it ever went away, but maybe some people decided to go for a more simple clean look that didn’t lend itself to wallpaper or maybe they just remember their grannies Anaglypta and can’t imagine ever using it in their own home.

I personally love wallpaper, there are just so many to chose from, all types of patterns, textures and an array of colours, how could anyone not fall madly in love with at least one of them.  It was great fun when I set up the shop and realised I had so many walls to play with, the only problem was having to make a final selection, I really do need more walls! I ended up going with a bit of a cross section to try and show as much as I could. It really is difficult to imagine what that tiny bit of paper will look like when it’s actually up on a wall, hopefully seeing a few up in the shop will help with that. So I have some put up some subtle textured ones for those who a looking to add a little something, I have a glass beaded damasks embellished with Swarovski crystals for the ultra glam, I have a gold marble effect called Oil Punk for the trendsetters, I have a large leaf design for the bold, then I get into the more weird and wonderful like filing cabinets and my person favourite 3D black flowers. You really do need to come into the shop to see these in real life.

I think wallpaper is a bit like art, it really is personal, what I think is beautiful might make you run for the hills, but each to their own. I think there is room for wallpaper in everyones home you just need to find the right one. As I said there are so many available there will be something that will suit your style and the look you are trying to create.

The great thing about wallpaper is that it is a relatively simple and economical way of dramatically changing a room, so if you are looking to revamp but don’t want to go the expense of changing all your furniture and completely redecorating try just papering one wall. If you have animals or little ones and are worried they might damage the wallpaper there are now a lot of vinyl wallpapers available which can be cleaned with a damp cloth, beautiful and practical.

Come in to have a look through the selection of books I have and we will find that paper that makes all of your friends jealous when they come to visit.

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