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2023 is yet again shaping up to be an interesting year when it comes to home design. As with 2022 we are seeing a complete cross section of colours trends being introduced from all the major brands, bringing you a whole host of colours to consider for your home.

This year Farrow and Ball have opted for a more relaxed colour palette than they have done previously. They have introduced 11 new colours including soft neutrals such as Tailor Tack, but have added some depth to their selection with the rich Bamboozle red and Wine Dark blue. They have also chosen the strong Beverly green, a colour that has become more popular in homes over the last few years.

Dulux has chosen Wild Wonder as their colour of the year. This soft green with a yellow hue is a light, earthy shade with a glowing tone, which has been inspired by the natural world. It brings energy and positivity to both living and working spaces, helping to connect us with the natural world. They are suggesting this colour can be used in a number of ways, from combining with earthy browns to create a cosy scheme, through to yellows, pinks and oranges for a more fun style. Like Farrow & Ball they have kept the tones softer than previous years.

Pantone on the other hand has selected Viva Magenta which vibrates with vim and vigor. Stating it is ‘powerful and empowering’, they say it is a colour that revels in pure joy and encourages self expression. As we all need a little joy in our lives maybe this is a colour that we should embrace!

One thing we have discovered over the last few years is that when thinking about choosing colours for your home, there are no longer strict rules, like only using light colours in small rooms, or that clashing colours shouldn’t be put together. Now there are very few limitations on what can be done, meaning you can create a home that is exactly how you want it, a space that you will truly enjoy living in.

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