Refreshed Bedroom

This one was a little tricky. What do you do when a customer says they want a big change in a room but without changing the furniture, flooring, curtains or lights??? WALLPAPER!

We completely changed the look of this room with this amazing wallpaper from Today Interiors. We went big and bold with the design and colour to make sure it made an impact. As there is so much oak in this room we had to ensure the colour worked well with it, greens always look good with oak as the colour compliments the natural tones of the wood. The little gold detail in the wallpaper also highlighted the stunning warmth in the oak.

To make sure everything was tied together we added grey cushions to the bed which pulled in the colour from the curtains, but we finished them with piping in a coordinating rich green, these were paired with a cushion in the same green on the bed and another on the chair so the colour was spread around the room. It was all finished off the a beautiful rug in a block green at the end of the bed.

These relatively simple changes made a huge difference, and with a little declutter the room changed from looking a little bland to a room with real character.