Lock Down Living Room

What happens if you are planning on giving your living room an overhaul and the country goes into a lockdown? A lot of emails!

This customer hadn’t ever decorated her living room, she wanted to make it a sleek sophisticated room that tied in with the rest of the house (the kitchen was amazing!). So rather than the usual process of going out to have a look at the room and discuss options she sent photos and we had a long chat on the phone, from there I sent photos of ideas and then samples of the ones she liked. It was a little trickier than the normal way of working, but we got there in the end.

The kitchen which had recently been renovated featured a gorgeous navy, so we decided to continue that through to the living room. The stunning Nash fabric from Kai provided a design that incorporated navy, with highlights or antique gold and ivory. The geometric pattern gave a lift to the dark fabric making sure the curtains did not look like a solid wall of colour, but without being too fussy. We picked out the antique gold in the textured wallpaper which added depth to the room, while we used the ivory as piping on both the bespoke sofa and scatter cushions.

We chose to recess the track for the curtains so they were fully floor to ceiling, and then fitted them across the whole wall to really add impact. The dark wood herringbone floor created a dark, moody feel which made the room cosy and inviting.

The combination of colours, textures and designs was selected to create a room that was had an elegant simplicity without being overly modern or stark, a room that will stand the test of time.